Our west coast tour with PLAGUES starts in less than a month! Sharing a couple shows with our dawgs in GRAF ORLOCK, couldn’t be happier. We ain’t sleeping, neither should you.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the ché last night! Regardless of any illness we may have been fighting we had a great time! Tour is less than a month away! Stoked!

Or here.

Last night, someone stole a piece of art from the Che Cafe, and vandalized another.


This is the kind of thing that discourages people from playing shows and displaying art at DIY venues, and it can’t be tolerated. If you have any information, shoot me a message. If you know who stole it, let them know that the Che will be open tonight for Blink Fest, and they can drop it off at the door, no questions asked.

if you’re 21+ come out to this show at Ken Club it’ll be the last time we play for a few months while we continue to work on and finish up a “grip” of new material for ya’ll.